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Top Five Signs That What You Want To Manifest Is Close

How can you open a spiritual doorway to the abundance that you deserve? Today I want to give you guys my top five signs that what you want to manifest is close.  These are signs that I've experienced personally and I wouldn't share anything with you that I do not know to be true and legitimate. So let's get started.

1. Angel Numbers and Synchronicities

 Angel numbers are patterns of numbers that you see regularly. They become more than just a coincidence. You see them everywhere you go. They are like following you and you're like, what do these numbers mean? Some really common ones, 11, 11. This is the ultimate sign that you are in alignment. You are being guided towards your purpose and the universe is taking care of you. It is the true power number 11, 11 is one of the numbers I started with and also 9,11, which can represent the nine being the end of something and the eleven the beginning of something new. These are two of the numbers I started with and now I seem to have a whole collection of numbers. The main thing is if you want to look at what the numbers mean, go for it. You can check out exactly what those numbers that you're seeing mean. However, I believe that just take them as an amazing, positive sign. I don't really read into mine too much. I usually forget what they mean anyway. So I just take them as a really positive sign that what I'm wanting to manifest is coming. The closer I see the numbers together, the closer I believe the manifestation is coming.

The other night I saw 43, three times within half an hour across various websites. It just kept appearing and earlier I was in my kitchen, fifty five is one of my numbers and anything with forty three and it was like one, four, three on the microwave and there's fifty five on the washing machine. Also, I once applied for a job purely because in the top paragraph the job was in my area but it wasn't like in city or anything. But in the top paragraph of that job it had one for three and fifty five in that paragraph and I was like, I'm sold. This is a sign and I got that job. So I am very aware of my angel numbers and went to pay attention to them and they're just super reassuring, like their constant little nudges and winks from the universe that you're being taken care of, you on the path. And what you want to manifest is coming.

Synchronicities are what non-spiritual airline people would call coincidences, things that seem too good to be true and they are aligned a perfect moment. For example, you're singing a song and you hear it on the radio or you keep seeing the same animal all the time. Once I had a client, I drew her an Oracle card. It was a hawk and it said to look for synchronicities. And she said, I cannot believe this because I've seen a hawk every single day on my way to work this week. That is a synchronicity. Again, same as angel numbers. Pay attention to them, but just take them as reassurance, take them as positive signs that what you are wanting to manifest is coming for you soon.

Psychic Gifts and Intuition

Psychic gifts can come in a whole variety of forms. We can be talking about clairvoyance, psychic, so many different psychic gifts that you can be opened up to. The reason why these gifts can open up is because you are developing your relationship with source. The veil becomes thinner between the physical world and the spiritual world because you are connecting and you are creating with spirit so you can start receiving inspired thoughts and these guide you on a path to something new and amazing. You might be meditating and you might start seeing visuals, you might get messages. It can open up in such a big variety of ways.

Another example can be as simple as you think of someone that you haven't heard from for ages. That thought goes out of your head. The next thing you know, the phone goes, Who is it? It's them. Of course it is. And you're thinking, that is crazy. And we've all had that moment happen to us and we write it off and just say, again, it's a coincidence. It's not. You are in tune with your gifts. You knew that was coming. It already existed and you knew it was coming and it arrived. This is all an amazing sign that you are close to your manifestation. You're really tapping into your gifts and amazing things are happening for you and that the universe is working through you. If you start to develop these things, don't freak out about it, just embrace it and look into it depending on what the gift might be. Just know that the universe is blessing you with these gifts, pay attention to any messages that you receive for yourself, plus messages for others, you are truly blessed when your psychic gifts open up.

Opportunity Knocks,

It's like everybody wants a piece of you. Everybody is emailing you. Everyone is messaging you saying, hey, you want to come on my podcast? Hey, you want to, you know, write in my magazine. Hey, you want to come to this event? People are just reaching out to you and say and is effortless. It's almost effortless. The only thing that you're required to do is say, yes. If something comes along and you don't feel right about it and it doesn't align for you, you're allowed to say no about it. If you feel that it's not right, that's fine. But that's the only action that you need to put in at that point is to say yes. Other times it might be that you're looking for a job. You see a job advert. The universe is kind of going, hello, I'm trying to get your attention and it's putting something in front of your face that you need to act on. You need to put a little bit of effort and show the universe this is what you want. It's a combination of knowing when to take action and when to step back.

I always feel it's important to step back when you're just kind of pushing and you're just trawling through those websites like, you know, job websites, dating websites, and you just kind of looking through and it's not going anywhere at that point step back and just work on your alignment and trusting the universe; believe me, the right thing will just appear. And at that moment you will be like it was effortless. But when things are just lining up for you and everything is coming to you, it's a sign that you really are on the right path with your purpose. I mean, every opportunity that lands in your inbox is a manifestation. We're not talking about the whole end manifestation. Every little bit on the journey is a mini manifestation that leads to the bigger picture. Remember, is about the journey, not the destination. So appreciate all these little things that add up to you becoming the most highly evolved version of yourself.

You just know.

You just know, like you can't explain it, but you inherently know deeply in your inner being that it's yours, that it's that is coming. And you don't worry, you feel quite relaxed, but you might feel very excited as well. It's great to just play with the energy. Manifestation it's almost like a game. Have fun with this. Have fun with the energy. Feel excited. Feel passionate. The more you feel these feelings, the higher your vibration is. And then you are a frequency match to the things that you want. It's that simple. So always try to stay in high vibe about it. And when you just know, though, you just know. And there's no explaining that. And that's an amazing place to be. And when you just have that pure trust in the universe.

One example I can give you a truly knowing was that I had found the house of my dreams and I really wanted to make an offer on it, but I didn't have an offer on my own house and in England, if you don't have an offer on your house, you certainly can't put an offer in on someone else's. But I said, I will call you back in 48 hours. And in 48 hours I had a full asking price offer on my house and I knew so strongly that I was going to have that offer. And I have my house is the house I'm in now. I absolutely love my house. I'm grateful for it. Is it is my dream house and I'm so, so blessed to have it. But that was an example where I just knew I had no fear, no fear about it, that I was going to lose this house to anyone else. It was already mine at that point. That is an example of when you truly know that things are right for you, things are going to line up for you and you've got nothing to worry about. The universe will take care of it.

Growing pains.

Like what? What are you talking about? Like a lot of food show up before and I'm in my 40s, you know, like what's going on. This can be when you feel that you are having a lot of shifting going on around you. And this is inevitable. If you are looking to shift your reality and go from A to B quite quickly and you do become a match to the frequency of that thing that you're wanting to manifest, you're moving from here to here quite quickly.

And sometimes things that were in the point are going to fall away from you in order for you to get to be point. That can be a job that can be friends, relationships. Sometimes those things are released in order for you to move forward to the next highest version of yourself. And this can be painful, like we can be like what is going on? Like why? Why is everyone ditching me? Why have I lost my job? But you hear about people say, you know what, I lost that job and it led to the best thing ever. Sometimes the universe is kind of like I'm stepping in and I'm making this happen for you. If you do feel like you're going through quite a difficult time, where you perhaps going through this or perhaps you're letting go of limiting beliefs, be super, super gentle with yourself right now. It's OK.

And remember, if you do feel a bit scared with whatever it is that you're going through, that's fine, because change is on the other side of fear. If we didn't go out of this comfort zone, we would never evolve into our next level. Sounds like Pokemon, doesn't it? Now I'm thinking, what would I evolve into if I was a Pokemon? Don't be afraid. You are stepping out of your comfort zone. You might be letting things go, but remember, wherever the universe takes away, it's going to replace it with something way better. You're going to go through this phase and you're going to quickly come out the other side into something phenomenal, something amazing. The universe is just laying the groundwork for you to build on with your manifestation.

That is my top five signs that what you want to manifest is close by. Those are all signs that you are on the brink of something amazing and you deserve all of the abundance. I cannot wait to hear what you've been manifesting. Comment below if you've manifested anything amazing recently.

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