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On Missing Sign That Nobody Really Speaks About

Are there any clear signs to look out for which may indicate that manifestation is close? The Midas Manifestation puts out a video on this and you can heck it out.

So I think that the coincidences that he she is referring to is the sign already, so we say coincidence comes from the word coincide. It's actually a mathematical term where two shapes come together, so they're supposed to be together. So in that sense, there are no accidents in this world. When we want to manifest something, if our energies are aligned, the more aligned we are, the more signs we will start to see that is coming our way. A few generic things that a lot of people may witness that's very common.

Number one is that the release of the old. So maybe recently something that was consuming the energy before has left their life. Somebody or some situation or something that was ongoing for a long time has gone. That is a good sign because the Universe usually needs to pave that path. They need to clean, clear the space for new things to come into your life. So that's one very common sign.

A second sign also is when you start seeing a lot of repeated numbers, for example, repeated patterns or symbols, one on ones to choose three through threes, because that is showing that you're in alignment. And the thing or the project that you're working on is coming fast. It's on its way. If you're unsure about what number you're seeing, please do well to check out this post or see the Royal Numerology Guide.

And the third thing is when you start seeing certain opportunities arise in front of you, maybe it's some people that haven't contacted you, contacted you for a long time, old friends that come to reignite and say, hey, how's it going or let's go out some time to catch up, and usually that old friend may not be the manifestation, but you see, that old friend is the messenger to take you towards the manifestation. So if all is aligned, it's very important that we as long as we are coming from that place of purity, intent, everything is congruent, then start acknowledging that all the opportunities coming our way are for us. So become the yes person who is open heartedly moving forward with this and keep an open mind. Because sometimes you don't know in what form that messenger will take.

It's pretty cool.

I know it’s very funny that I’m talking about keeping an open mind or also becoming aware of the situation, because what I mentioned in the first part where, you know, maybe a situation or a person may leave your life, sometimes we might think, oh, no, or you have that attachment or something. And then you can go into another good vibration and then you have a pure manifestation. Sometimes this goes into a whole different way. But keeping that open mind, being aware of everything that's happened for a reason and then keeping that gratitude in your vibration

But there's also one missing sign that nobody really speaks about, and that is when you're being tested. People don't like to see that as a sign. People, when they're being tested, they feel, oh, why is it not going my way? Why am I being challenged? If the universe has something big to give you, then they need to make sure you can handle the small things first. Just like a loving parent, if I'm going to allow my kid to go on something big, adventurous, then I need to make sure they are responsible for the small things first. So test them for small challenges if they pass the test. So that is also a sign that Universe wants to give you what you want, but they first need you to pass the first hurdle. You have to pass the hurdle test. Don't be frustrated by it. Stay positive, stay strong , stay focused and keep moving forward.

There is so many things that, you know, life can happen and it could be as a test or as an opportunity to open. And we're just so less focused and busy with this or with that. By keeping a solution mind, meaning what is the solution to this and how can I fix all of these different things, then you can actually pass the hurdle test, the tests and maybe that bigger manifestation will come your way. No more humiliation, no more.

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