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My Experience About Signs Manifestation I have Seen: The Truth

My own experience with the signs that I have seen when I'm about to manifest a certain goal or a certain reality that I want in my life. However, what I am going to make sure that I share with you guys is not just things that I'm pulling out of my butt that I think we should be seeing, but things that I actually experienced and might tell us all about giving you the truth about manifestation. I think there's a lot of misconceptions around it, sort of the things that I might be saying may not be things that you have heard. However, this is what I believe has helped me to create the life that I now live, which I'm really grateful for.

So the first thing I want to say is that when I'm talking about these signs, just know that whether you see signs or not doesn't determine whether you can manifest a sentencing or not. These are just things that I think are really fun that you may come across when you're intentionally manifesting a goal.

So the first thing that you may actually realize in your reality when you're manifesting your goal is that things are going so crazy. And what I mean by this is like things are changing. You feel like you're not actually achieving the goal because it's getting worse when this happens. Often it's because the universe is reorchestrating things in your life so that you can make space for that thing. The other part around this is that when things aren't really going your way and it's a challenge, it can also be a way for the universe to kind of make sure that the thing that you desire is coming to in the right timing and when it's at the highest, good for you. So whenever things are going crazy, don't be discouraged, don't feel like, oh, I'm not supposed to have that thing. I'm not supposed to be with that guy or I'm not supposed to have that car or have that client. That's not really what we're trying to learn here. What we're trying to learn is that I really do want this. And because I'm so persistent and I'm so determined and I'm so focused, I'm going to go through whatever kind of challenges I need to in order to achieve this goal.

So just to give you an example, when I was manifesting my car, which is a Tesla, and I'm just so grateful to have it, I went through so much trouble before actually getting this car. But I do see the resistance as something bad that I can see as like I'm not supposed to have this car. I knew that there was a reason behind me going through these challenges.

I needed to cultivate certain traits. I needed to be a match for it. I needed to know what the good parts and the bad parts of having this car were going to be.

So just know that if you're facing a challenge, if things are going really crazy, nothing's going wrong. In fact, that's a sign that you're doing the right thing to manifest your goal.

On the other side of things, there's also another way to tell the manifestation is coming, and that is when things are actually going really smoothly. Here's the thing. The reason why I'm saying is that it can occur both when you facing a challenge and also when you're facing flow is because whether you manifest something or not, is it based on how easy it is to get it, but it's through your personal will or your desire to create something in your life.

This is why, regardless of whether you're having trouble or whether it's going smoothly often, if that's still what you want, you can still manifest it. So I've also had opportunities where I've tried to manifest things and it just happened so flawlessly and it just happened beautifully. An example might be when I was wanting to bring on my mentors on to my podcast, they came to me and they said, Hey, we'd love to be a podcast. It just flowed beautifully. I think you've got to realize that, yes, when there's talent, you're on the right track. When this flow, you're on the right track, but ultimately you decide. So even when things are going, flowing, that's also a really good sign.

There are also a couple of fun things that I think are signs that we are getting closer to our goals. But I want you to take this with a grain of salt. Don't get too caught up in this stuff because sometimes I talk about this and then people message me and they're like, oh, I saw this sign. Is this a sign that it's coming that ultimately you need to remember that you create your reality? If you really desire something, take action, feel the feelings of it, feel the emotions of having it already, feel gratitude for it. Now, like all the things that I always teach on the podcast, on my Instagram stories, even on this YouTube channel, use all of those and you can still manifest your goal, given that it is of the highest good for you and that you're doing the work here, the fun things that I still believe are signs that we're receiving our goals. Although I got to be honest with you guys, sometimes I'm still kind of skeptical about whether this is true. But let me just share with you, because I have experienced this in my own life. So I do believe that it can be a sign.

So the first thing is when you're seeing heaps of numbers and what I mean by this is recurring numbers like one on one, two, two, two, three, four four four eight six six.

All those numbers. Right. And I would, I think, too hard into this. Even if you do want to check out angel numbers and more about what they each mean, then just make sure that you sign up so you can grab access to that sometimes when I'm at that. Manifest a certain thing, I will say, Angel number is leading up to it, so if I'm about to receive like a large amount of money, sometimes I will say I it around. Let's cut to the chase. Why does this actually mean that your manifestation is coming? Well, I believe it's because to be able to notice these extra numbers and to manifest seeing them, it means that you're in alignment with the universe and you're in alignment with love and you're in alignment with gratitude. Right. Therefore, if you are in alignment with those vibrations frequencies, then you're in alignment to manifesting your goals. It's just kind of like, hey, it's like I took a little wake from the universe. Don't overthink the wake's.

Another fun thing. I've also seen when I'm about to manifest. My desire or goal is I've seen my universal sign. My universal sign is a Dalmatian. If you want to know how to get your sign, just listen to this podcast. I'll put it up here. Basically, all you do is you say universe. What is my sign? And from there, the first thing to pop into your head is something that you can use only as a Toyota or a sign that is from the universe that you're manifesting your goal. I've seen Dalmatians. When I'm about to hit, I send money, income goal or what I'm about to say yes to a beautiful opportunity. It's come up now and then, but I wouldn't use it as like I'm not getting my goal unless I see one. Does that make sense?

What I ultimately want to say in this video that is so important, though, is rather than focusing on analyzing and saying like, is it coming? Is it not coming? Is it on its way? What am I doing back? What am I doing wrong? Rather than focusing on that, I would focus my energy on moving closer towards the goal. I think too many people can get caught up in thinking, is it coming? Am I doing the right things? When you would be much better off using that energy, actually moving towards the goal, through action, through energy, through tools of your mindset, all those sorts of things. So now I'm actually going to be talking about a couple of signs that you're actually in charge of, that your manifestation is coming true.

This isn't necessarily like you're saying something. It's more if you feel this way, if you're doing this, that's a sign that you're manifesting. You go because you create your reality. So if you're taking these actions, if you're doing these things, it's only a matter of time before it's going to enter your reality. Does that make sense? So I'm going to share a couple of days with you.

The first one is that you're taking action. If you're taking action and the energy of love and you're taking action, that's inspired. How could you not like how could you not get closer to your goal? Right. Because ultimately, that's the energetic component and is the actionable component. If you're taking action, that is a great sign that it's coming closer and closer. So no one is make sure that you're taking action.

Number two is that you're feeling grateful for it already being in your reality. And the thing is that if you're already feeling grateful for it now you're on the emotional signature. You're literally changing your vibration to be a natural calling that in now. So when you feel gratitude for already happy, whatever that income goal is for having that friend or that soulmate or that dream home, if you're feeling the gratitude of that now, you're already doing the energetic work of calling it in. And that is a sign that it's coming your way.

The final one that is an action that I think is really important is that you have certainty and this is connected to having like a gut intuitive feeling. So I can tell you girls that when I was about to manifest the Tesla and I'll do a separate video and how I manifested the Tesla, but when I was on the brink of it coming into my reality, I had this deep certainty, even though I went through so much challenge because I was trying to manifest it during a time where the world was going crazy. So what I mean to say here is that when you have that gut feeling of certainty that it's in your reality, that is also a sign that it's coming to you.

Another sign that your manifestation is on its way is that you don't feel like there's an energetic difference between you. Now, this is when you will have that thing. The truth is, if you feel like it's already in your reality and you have the gratitude of that and you don't feel any different when you think about having it, it means that you're already on the vibration of it being in your reality. Therefore, that is a sign that it is coming out of the one that I missed out, which I think is also a fun one, is that when you see other people having what you desire, that can also be a sign that it's coming to you because it just shows that you're reticular activating system is activated because you're seeing other people have it, meaning that if you're RS system, that's particularly activating system, the aura is part of your brain is programmed to seek that out.

It means that a part of your mind subconsciously is already thinking of ways to get there. So that's also a really good sign because it means your focus is high on your values. And if you're matching that with action, that is a sure-fire way that it's on its way. So, yeah, I hope this really helps you. If there's anything that you get out of this article, remember that. Yes, you can see signs that they're really great and really encouraging. However, ultimately, you are in charge of your reality. And if you're not seeing something, start really taking that action, feel gratitude for having it in your energy now if you want. I'm really just saying this to show you girls that if you really do follow these things, you can get to where you want to be so much faster.

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