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About this Website - Signs Manifestation

There is nothing better than having your own freedom in your life – signs manifestation.  This can be accomplished by acting and learning to manifest your life to its fullest potential.  One should not have to put their needs, goals, and dreams aside simply because you don’t think they’re important or worth the chance of coming true.  This concept that your dreams are never going to come true and it’s best to stick with reality, whatever that reality might be, is the easiest way out of taking responsibility of your life.  It’s so easy to just give up rather than have a strong soul that can guide you to your dreams.  This path is a harder path to travel through, but the only path that can lead you to true freedom that you deserve. When your signs start manifesting, your haters will show up.

It is difficult to try to be strong in a society that advertises so much negativity even when you see clear signs to show your manifestations are near, you’ll get people still telling you you’ll never make it.  For example, this negativity can even be found within your own family or close friends.  People, in general, that just say you cannot do something, it’s out of your reach, quit living in the clouds and come back to reality, all these comments get ingrained strongly in your mind and ultimately you fall for it and believe these comments.  People must be strong in blocking out negativity to be strong, have self-value, spiritual-awareness, and self-worth.  This is not an easy task to do, because in this society we have been brought up to listen to other people’s opinions and not question them.  For example, we believe what we were taught by our parents and family members and just take it as it is rather than question their teaching methods.  You must learn and make a wise decision and differentiate in what to block out and what to not.  If someone says you cannot do that, simply because they have no faith in you well this is where your inner strength is able to shine and prove them wrong.

You Can Manifest Yourself Into Your Dream Life

Attracting abundance is knowledge. Just like any other skill people have, manifesting is no different. Skills like playing a musical instrument or making gourmet meals require time and commitment to learn and practice. So does the skill of manifesting. How good you get, depends on how well you learn the skill and how well you apply it.

 Manifestation can change your life to a more positive life that’s worth living.  You’ll be able to have all the qualities that you’ve always had but never practiced.  Being a positive person that thinks positively and avoids negative energies is a person that has learned to manifest their life and practices manifestation daily. 

You too can be part of this positive circle of energy.  Live the life you want to live, after all you deserve the very best.  As mentioned in the quote above, freedom is the most important thing in everyone’s life.  If you would like to seek this and much more, then manifestation is the answer to your dreams which could be your reality.

All these experiences have summed up to make the basis for this website for I know that many people out there have almost given up on life because they have been told and reminded that they cannot be what they want to be. Well, I tell you today that you are not what people think you are, you are rather what you think you are.

Signs Manifestation

Are you seeing manifestation numbers?​

Do you know manifestation numbers are? These are simple numbers repeating themselves in no sequence. Could be any number from the number sequence between 11:1(1) and  99:9(9). These numbers represent Angels assigned to you. The universe is attending to your desires.

Do you feel like you already have your desire?

Not every mistake is a mistake. When your manifestation is close, certain words just fill or fall out from your lips. Instead of saying, "I'm on the bus", you say "I'm driving". Be sure not to correct such mistakes especially when you are desiring a car. You're simply undergoing a car owners' mindset. 

Do you just feel good out of nothing special?​

It's  not about you having a good night sleep or waking up from a garden of roses. It's just you feeling good, singing, smiling and have a good feeling and wanting to celebrate. Do you know why this sudden "feel good" happened to you? Your manifestation is next on cue. Don't blow out the candle.

Are you experiencing more synchronicities?

Synchronicity which is considered as meaningful but unexpected coincidence is one of the signs that your manifestation is close. These could be little things, but should not be ignored. Do not take these happenings lightly anymore. They are meaningful so treat them with a positive mindset

Have you received a sign from the Universe?

When your thoughts of the simple things translates into reality, the universe must be speaking to you. You could be thinking of a song you love so much and within the nest couple of hours, you get it playing from somewhere. You thought of a friend and boom he/she called same day.

Are you experiencing adversity?

Do you know that the darkest part of the night is towards dawn? when adversity doubles it's appearance in your life,  you need is to build resilience. Resilience will keep you focused on  the things you are believing the universe to make them available to you. Your manifestation is close.

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